8 hours with a menstrual cup.

Worked this Saturday. My cycle started on Friday so typically my cycle is at it’s heaviest the day after my cycle starts. I inserted my clear Aneer cup at 11am. Laid down a homemade hand sewn cloth pad as well.Clocked in to work at 12 noon. I removed my cup at 4pm. The cup was half way between the 7.5 mL mark. I love my Aneer cup!  I brought a wet and a dry paper towel into the bathroom stall. Put some tissue into the toliet then poured the liquid into the tissue. I hear that without tissue the fluids may stick to the bottom of the toliet bowel making it take many flushes to clear the red fluids from the bowel.

Benefits of menstral cups:

1. Comfortable 

2. No risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome 

3. No nasty smell to dispose of

4. Can be worn for up to 12 hours

5. Eliminates waste in landfills 

6. Reusable up to 15 year lifespan 

( pads and tampons have a lifespan of between 1-8 hour lifespan)


8. Holds twice the flow of a tampon. 

9. Economic (Cost 60 cent on eBay)

10. Eliminates need to buy feminine products and embarrassment 

11. No pink tax 

12. Discreet (no bulky pads or tampons that are loud when opened)

13. Decrease vaginal dryness

14. No harmful chemicals such as dioxin!

15. Limited leaks😍

16. May reduce the length of the cycle

17. Can reduce cramps. Because the product is breathable.

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