Aneer menstral cup.

I purchased a few menstrual cups in May as a graduation gift to myself. I only purchased cups from China just as a trial run to figure out how they work, the effectiveness and comforability of menstrual cups. 

The day after my first pink Aneer cup arrived I did a dry run. It was uncomfortable and removal was painful! For the first four times of use removal was painfully. 

After watching numerous YouTube videos I learned that I needed to fold the cup in on it’s self to decrease the surface areađź’• of the cup during removal.

I disliked the firmness of the cup so I  boiled it in my microwave for 30 minutes. Which dramatically reduced my discomfort while wearing and removing my cup.

After using a menstrual cup for the first day of my cycle I was assured that the cup doesn’t leak. I actually love my cup and will wear it thru every cycle.

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